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Thanks. I prefer the dynamic solution, but I'm flexible as to how best it can be achieved.

Example (small default image)

A) (dynamic)
22000: get=0 sysdpi=96 aware=0

[Image stretched @ 144 dpi]

22000: get=PROCESS_SYSTEM_AWARE sysdpi=144 aware=1

[Image scaled @ 144 dpi]

In case they they don't show up, there are supposed be 81x81 pixel gif images. 'A' is smooth, 'B' pixelated.

No. They can't be previewed. I'll forego the links. It seems pretty clear that dynamic is better.

If you are OK with losing some of the left side of the image you could try the AspectFitHeight image stretch mode.
Getting the exact dimensions right when placing an image is hard what with HiDPI being so variable in Windows. My images are too large. "NoStretchNoCrop" I like.
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