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Watching this thread from afar, my first thought would be, have you done a binary comparison (with a tool like Beyond Compare) on the C:\Gallery\bin\uninst.exe file to check that it really is exactly the same file as in the other locations? If the file differs somehow, there's more at play than just the file location.

If you could take the working exe from C:\Galleria\bin\uninst.exe, move it to C:\Gallery\bin\ and suddenly its behavior changes, then it becomes more plausible that there's something special about that folder on Windows 11. Or at least, special about it on your system - you could try firing up a brand new Windows 11 virtual machine to test if it also happens on a brand new Windows 11 install.

It probably shouldn't be installing in C:\Gallery anyway. How does it behave when installed in C:\Program Files\(company name)\Gallery\ ?
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