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For those of you running litestep (or any other alternative shell), could you try killing it temporarilly, run the explorer shell and then try to run winamp5 again ? I don't know yet what is causing the bugs you describe, but I have a few ideas. Certainly, if something somewhere changed the USERDATA field of the various wa windows to the magic value that is used by litestep to keep windows in the active desktop, it would crash, because altho this wasn't used by winamp2 windows (classic skins), the field is used by freeform windows and should *not* be changed arbitrarilly (this is why freeform doesn't support the litestep option, though we might be able to devise something in the future).

Note that i'm not asking you to uninstall litestep, just disable it temporarily, and check if the error is associated with it.

To mon0, it seems you have a lot of plugins installed, could you try installing winamp in a new directory (do not forget to backup your current install!) and check wether a clean & *virgin* install still has the problem you describe ? If you don't get the problem, try moving the plugins over to the new install one by one and see when it starts puking. If you get the problem even with a virgin install, then it's something more obscure than just a conflict with an old plugin, and we'll have to look into it differently.

Thanks for your help guys!


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