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Character Limit

Hi all,

I'm using ${nsisXML->SetElementText} to set a change a config file and set a connection string. However I get an "Runtime Error! abnormal program Termination" popup window and the instrcution is not executed.

The character string I am trying to set is greater than 64 characters long. If I try with a different (shorter) string, it works correctly.

Does anyone know anything about a character limit on the SetElementText method?

If it helps the simpleiset form of

Name "installer"

OutFile "C:\installer.exe"

!include "nsisXML.nsh"

Section "Installer"

${nsisXML->OpenXML} "C:\test.xml"

; If there are 63 x's the program will run, if there are 65 then an error will occur.

${nsisXML->SetElementText} "/a" "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

${nsisXML->Release} "C:\test.xml"


Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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