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5.23 - Enqueue from "open" dialogue freezes / crashes Winamp?

I've had this weird sporadic issue with the latest Winamp versions. Some have exhibited it, some have not. I think that 5.22 was unhappy as well, but I'm not sure what causes it.

Here's what I do:

My favourite way of adding more files to my playlists is by using the Open Media button from the Winshade mode of Winamp (I'm using the Enkera skin, if that's any help). I then navigate in the Open Media dialogue box until I find some music I want to add and then right click and select 'Enqueue in Winamp'. Winamp freezes up and either

a) If it returns control after a long pause, has not enqueued the files


b) crashes

This is a relatively standard install, I've got a the Dimin Hotkeys plugin for my MS keyboard installed but that's about it.

If there's any other info that might be relevant, please ask

From the best of my knowledge, some versions of Winamp have worked with this and others have not. This is a relatively fresh reinstall (rebuilt a few days ago) so 5.23 is the only version that's been installed on my PC so far. Will try regressing to 5.22 or 5.21 to see if they help.

Update: Just tested 5.22 and it exhibits the same problem. 5.21 seems fine.

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