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Originally Posted by DigiBC View Post
It's great to find additional metadata, but there's a little inconsistency in 'adminadmin.cgi?mode=viewxml&sid=#' now:
SONGTITLE and SONGHISTORY don't include the artist anymore, whereas NEXTTITLE still includes artist - songtitle.
it's usually down to the source and how they provide things as i'm trying to standardise them. though if you use admin.cgi?sid=#&mode=viewxml&page=5 then you can get the raw data and form titles as needed that way.

generally the currentsong is just using the title (TIT2 field if working with a v2 source) whereas the nexttitle can vary as you're seeing - like the DSP will just grab the next title from Winamp in a pre-formatted method whereas i've made v2.1.3 provide the required metadata which leads to just the TIT2 value showing.

i've still to work out the best approach on what to do though i think it should all just be the equivalent of the TIT2 field for the next tracks as well but having a 'full' mode which tries to form the title as a client will get it (like was raised in maksimilian's post) though that then has issues with the next track support so i'm undecided.

it also doesn't help that v1 sources do it a different way but am sure will get something sorted in the end.

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