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Originally Posted by blu7000 View Post
This seems to be the most comparable solution for a professional alternative to centova. Anyone have direct experience with MCSP Pro? I'm curious to see what ya'll think about it.
In a stream hosting environment we already use this.
- After Centova, some small things were unusual, but it turned out to be more logical.
- The user has much more freedom to configure the stream server and AutoDJs.
- There is Stereo Tool audio processing, that works very well.
- The Pro+ version includes radio automation softwares and works very well. This allows Centova's Liquidsoap to be completely replaced. In addition, there is video streaming.
- It is much safer than CentovaCast because each user service runs under its own UID.
- The WHMCS Centova module can be used for MSCP in the same way.
- Does not require a MySQL/MariaDB database (except SAM Broadcaster). So, in the event of a database crash, MSCP still runs.
- There are some small features that may be missing or work differently, but you can live with it.
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