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Language Pack Author Recognition:
There are two ways of showing people that you are the author of the language pack you have created.

The first is via a readme.txt file in the root of the wlz (like in the example wlz) which is shown on the localisation preferences page and can display any sensible message / information you require.

The second introduced as of the 5.57 client is to add a new dialog resource to your winamp.lng with an id of 1378 which will then be shown in Winamp's "About" dialog. The dialog resource will need to be the same size as the existing dialogs used for this and you're able to place anything you'd like. There are also string resource id 65532 & 65533 which can contain a paypal url or homepage link which will be activated when a button on the dialog with the same resource id is clicked by the user. (*)

The aim of this dialog is to allow you as the author to get a more noticeable credit for the work done with creating a language pack as we all know too well that it is not a quick process to do.

(*) Some of official language packs already have this implemented and can be used as a reference
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