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Originally Posted by Grandchild View Post
These are all valid points, and interesting ones, some of them I also see as a must (use any audio source to begin with) some would make the sugar on the cake
I would add Open Source to my requirements list...

And as I said, I am currently writing on such a thing and have every intention to finish it. So I am very happy about ideas and pointers as to what to think about, what to incorporate, and which direction to take this. Some others on here have done or are doing the same, so we'll see what comes out of all this.
Right now I am not actively inviting you to join me in my efforts, because I think the project is not really mature enough yet. You can still have a look at its github page. Maybe there will be anther project that will be more worth it. We'll see...
Yeah I'm too busy to start getting involved at early levels right now, but I'd love to see something start happening and cheer it on.
Another thing I'd like to see is an open API to build additional GUI based tools. Bad example, but like coding the old oscilloscope star by building it like a superscope and having gui elements adjust the values. Open it up so you can modify the direct source or use the ontop gui. I can't speak for everybody but I and most of the people I ever saw using AVS got into it by using the gui bits and bobs. There was never enough variation though.

Originally Posted by Xetick View Post
Good ideas! They are deferentially going on the todo list. If you have more ideas I for one would be happy to hear them. My visualizer already has some of your suggestions but a tighter integration between the visualizer and a scene repository is on the list of things to do.
I've had a bit of a play with this, it's pretty damn powerful and cool.
I think to really get people on board you've gotta go specifically with a music visualisation.

I'd love to see everybody willing to work on this come together on a project, everyone seems to be sort of well wishing everybody else then squirreling away to work on their own little bits. There's potential for something awesome to be built out of the AVS ruins, it'd be a shame if it wasn't.

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