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Originally Posted by Warrior of the Light View Post
I'm confused about the need for this project.
You say you don't use wa anymore because of some video issues. Who uses AVS with video files in the first place? And because wa is old? no matter how old the latest version is, AVS is much, much older.

Just using winamp is a much simpler solution.
it maybe the simpler solution for you, but i am slowly moving away from windows and vlc is just fine for me as it can a variety of things that winamp can't - e.g. mkv, webm, flv.
i'm just hopefully pointing avs in the right direction as latest avs doesn't even work with the latest version winamp does it?

switching to linux is something i will do be doing in future as windows 7/8/8.1/10 is absolute rubbish compared to debian or linux mint, and try comparing to this kali linux is a joke, as it even has built-in programming tools

i am not normal, no really.
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