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Question Maddbuzz JPeG visualization library

Maddbuzz JPeG visualization library is something I kept an XP PC around for and frankly was the best visualizer i ever used in my life. If you are not familiar, it is a Visualizer that uses Jpegs in a variety of ways to go along with the music, but in an almost screensaver way. it was and is perfect.....outside the fact it only worked on Windows XP.

I have a copy of it,.....because I WANT THIS VISUALIZER BACK, i would die if i could have this on a modern PC...ESPECIALLY given the RTX2080 Super I just ordered for my new machine. I would ADORE having that visualizer in modern 4K

If someone can make this happen, I would be beyond ecstatic. I kept the file for just this reason, and i'm the idiot who just found out Winamp is back a few years after the fact.
I attached the EXE i originally got from the old Winamp links.....PLEASE UPDATE THIS VISUALIZER!!!!
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