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This is awesome and I'm very happy you didn't totally abandon this thing, even though it took you over a month to do it.
Lol, I didn't knowed what the issue was untill I readed the topic @ 3:00 AM and posted the fix @ 8:00 PM same day but was allready backported @ 6:00 AM I just was too tired to bugtrak it and I sleeped some howers.

Note that Mx-Publisher it's not a forum system like anyone is saing here but it's a standallone CMS system wich is not released yet to the public, only the old product who was called mxBB-Portal and it's true that this branch is requesting a forum as addon but it's still a full modular system on wich users don't need to install any modifications to the source code to add new features like on forums.

About the player if you don't get the stream title $radio->station() then both radio class and classic methods are failing getting the informations from the server xml files. Note that if radio::station() is empty the classic method is used wich request a password. Then if the password is not corect you get a "Unauthorized ..." error wich is automaticly replaced with station name from the configuration file.

So if you enable xml stats to the public and the password if the one for used "admin" will have to work.

If you request a feature have to be added first in the mx version and then backported since features can't be added direct to backports. Same for bug fixes.
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