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Oh, there is much more work to add this features to the player. The way informations are diplayed like now song name have to be changed or else the text will be on more lines and the player will look messed up. I allready thinked on some ways this "display" can be done.

There is such thing "$listn[7]" only inside the function listners() since this var is not a global var, this ia why is returned by $radio->listners(). In case radio::listners() is returnig null you can use $currentlisteners wich can return a error if password is bad and in this case to be replaced with $text[2] wich does not require a pasword.

I will add this code in getinfo.php

PHP Code:
if (preg_match("/Unauthorized/"$currentlisteners)) 
$currentlisteners $radio->listners();

$currentlisteners  = empty($currentlisteners) ? $text[2] : $currentlisteners
So that we can echo $currentlisteners allways.
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