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ok, again still wondering if anyone in winamp is looking at this forum... if you expect me to be buying the pro version for my phone any time soon we had better get better support here... this is rediculous and so far hasnt convinced me at all into investing any of my hard earn money into this program. Whats really sad from me saying that is this... I have been using Winamp since your first early days of development. Yeah, really since Winamp v1 (what ever the full release was). So know this, if this dont change, your going to loose a very loyal user!

Now that the rant is over, and sorry for that, more bugs to report. Winamp itself is very unstable often not working or crashes during play. Also something very annoying, the playlist will often repeat the same song again after just playing it. Sometimes even advancing the song to play another plays the same song. My playlist is 550 songs and growing so I really dont think there should be a problem with finding something else to ques. Anyways the playlist function really needs work, big time. A lot of times what really gets me is I'll stop music playing for a while and then start it up again, often on my walks, the playlist doesnt change, plays the same stuff over and over... random play should be that, random. You need a random number generator and make it exclude the last 20 or so songs played in the playlist. My thoughts anyways.

Thanks for listening from a loyal Winamp user.
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