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Vortex progbutton.m

(Continued from Why does this crash Winamp?)

The programmable buttons in the left drawer of Vortex used to work fine when Vortex was released for Winamp 5.2 but are broken in recent versions of Winamp.

You can still bookmark the currently played song by right-clicking on a button and selecting the option but then you cannot play it by left-clicking on the button.

However, the same feature works well in KameleonDUI.

I looked inside studio.xnf to see the difference between how Vortex and KameleonDUI save the currently played song and I found that Vortex starts the path with

while KameleonDUI starts it with

After adding file:// between PATH| and C:\ the bookmarked song could be played by left-clicking on the programmed button.

My question is how shall I modify progbutton.m to make it save the path of the currently played song with file:// between PATH| and C:\ ?

Plague has a script that has something to do with the file:// part but I cannot figure out how it could help with this issue.

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