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Ability to designate a default ML Smart View (for when Winamp startsup)

To date, I have been using DrO's ML Lite-n plugin to remember the
collapsed/expanded state of sections within the ML treeview.

However, with the release of Winamp v5.36 BETA, Winamp will now remember the collapsed/expanded state of treeview items without the assistance of a plugin.
Winamp has always, by default, remembered the SmartView a user was on when Winamp was closed (and returned them to that SmartView when Winamp is re-opened).
But what if a user wants a certain SmartView to always be loaded upon startup?

Might I request the ability be added (or plugin created) ...
to designate a default ML SmartView? When such an option was checked,
the pre-designated SmartView would always be loaded upon opening Winamp.

Thanks for your consideration.

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