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Console Installer

This is going to sound like a mad thing to want, but: I'm after a scriptable installer that isn't huge and doesn't suck, which DOESN'T have a UI.

I've got a SaaS system and I need to move builds of a web application up from development environments to test and production environments. And so what I did was what I've always done: write NSIS installer scripts for them. Even though they were never going to be installed by a 3rd party outside the organisation, that just seemed like the way to do it.

As time goes by I'm automating more and more of the build and deployment process, and whilst I guess I could accomplish what I want with a zip file and some powershell, the natural thing to do is to want to stick with NSIS.

Right now I run my NSIS exes with /S and /D to silently install the files where my other scripts say they should go, but it would be great it if were easier to control which components are selected from the command line (at the moment I just make an setup exe per component), and to capture the output to STDOUT so I can feed it back into my logging.

My Googlefu fails me: I can't find a tool which is designed to do this, and I can't find anyone else talking about how they accomplish this task. Is there some way of making NSIS do it?
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