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This will be the link you provide only for other people to use (ie: not you);
(until qwest changes it again.) --->

By preliminary look on the whois query on the IP provided it looks like a dynamically allocated address (not to be confused with the static IP we setup earlier). Later on when you're ready, take the advice proffered by rockouthippie and get yourself a domain name for your radio station. That way when it changes again you won't have to mess with updating your website all the time.

This will be the link only you will use only when you want to listen to your SHOUTcast from home (or another computer at the same place connected to the same modem/router that the SHOUTcast DNAS is running on);
(this won't change.) --->

These will be the only 2 IPs you will need to mess with. Everything else will be automatic.

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