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pmp_usb functionality - sync ratings

Usually I troll a little more in forums before asking questions however I wanted to see if something like this is being looked into or if I could get some info on where specifically to look.

I have a Nexus One, I use the phone to play music pretty much wherever I go. It replaced my gps, laptop(most of the time) and mainly my ipod. The ipod plugin ml_ipod has the functionality to be able to sync the ratings and playcounts. I want to know if there are any examples of this or if the source for pmp_usb is openly available. I plan to modify the music player in the android OS to update the play counts and add a rating functionality to it but not sure how the rating/play count is added to the track, is it a flag on the audio file itself or is there a database stored somewhere on the device? I'm curious about the pmp_usb plug-in because it appears to only have the functionality of removing files from a memory card as well as adding new ones.
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