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Non-stop streaming + shuffle question

Hello! I've been using shoutcast before, but just on my local though, now I have a VPS and i'd like it to run non-stop radio.

1.I run sc_serv then sc_trans to start streaming music over the night when I'm offline (AutoDJ option, thx sc_trans), but here comes the problem, if for an example the VPS' network gets down for a sec then it automatically boots, how can I make the streaming server + sc_trans to automatically start with it?
2.I have the shuffle option on, but it's pretty annoying sometimes, i saw in the log list that 3 of 4 following songs were about to be from Amon Amarth and the 4th song from another band. How can I make something like a restriction to make the next song not be the same band as the one playing atm. Ex: First song, that is playing now, is named X from Children of Bodom(band), but the next one(song 2) i'd like not to be from Children of Bodom too. Same for song 2, 3 and 3, 4. Any help?

P.S: My radio is YP connected and not i cannot see any button for changing the description I've entered the first time i made the YP settings. Any help?
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