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Originally Posted by dgcyears View Post
If for an example i'll make the sc_serv and sc_trans to boot at startup, then they'll not start streaming 'cause it'll need someone to type the number of the config file.
you could create a script which will do it for you and have that be called when the host starts up. the docs are pretty clear that with the current public build that you have to tell the DNAS what to use either via the selection or by explicitly passing it as it starts. there will be changes with the next DNAS release where it'll automatically use sc_serv.conf / sc_serv.ini if found in the same folder as sc_serv and no config file is passed.

Originally Posted by dgcyears View Post
I mean i cannot find any button for updating it...What should I do?
it sounds like you're not logging in / looking at the right page. make sure that you follow the steps exactly from the initial page and the links that are shown (i.e. the big red arrow and text on the first image) or just access /admin.cgi or /admin.cgi?sid=0 against the DNAS IP and Port and that will take you to the server admin summary page (which is all against assuming that you're using build 29).

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