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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
your issue may now, as of the latest beta, be only "visual" as opposed to functional, (depending on what someone clicks or not), but it should still be fixed if others can do what you do, and see what you see.
The Alt+3 tag editor does not need further modification (maybe it never needed any).

Taking jph6t's lead, I ran Winamp in safe mode and the editor worked correctly. I tracked the interfering plug-in to "gen_os_diag.dll". This is one of DrO's plug-ins (no longer available) that allowed certain Winamp dialogs to remember their screen positions from session to session.

It's weird, imo, but something in that plug-in prevents the editor's ID3v1 tab from displaying the v1 genre data in the file. Fortunately, the major Winamp dialogs now remember their screen positions natively, so I don't really need this plug-in anymore.

I use, and have come to depend on, several of DrO's plug-ins. I should have tried safe mode sooner, but I guess I didn't want to believe that one of DrO's plug-ins could have been involved. I had tried removing all my 3rd party plug-ins developed by other people.

This incident in no way changes my confidence in DrO's abilities.

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