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that is indeed very sad news to read just out of bed.

I once named a cat Widdy . When the cat got kittens and i send her the pictures she was a proud as proud could be.
each year we got a christmas card and we send one back untill she moved and we lost her adress.
The few private details she shared gave me the impression that she was indeed a very private person.
What i did know is that she got out of bed each day at 5 AM to feed the stray cats living in her neighbourhood.

Rosemarie, you will be missed ...

and Hugh , the site also won't except messages from Europe, so if any forum member from the states would be so kind as to write something there on behalf of us ( the regular forum dwellers)

Each Thursday a new show on Celtica Radio with Darkwave music.

Nope, it's not a radiostation just a non stop darkwave music stream

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