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I kind of half hoped to wake up this morning, check this thread out and see a 'what's this crap!!!' reply from Widdy and that I'd got it totally mixed up and wrong and she'd been taking a break from the internet all along, alas not, life eh.

I'll echo what others have said, private in the extreme and yet just giving enough away to let folk in, there is so much we do know and so much we'll never know, can't knock her for leaving folks guessing huh.

Personally I shall miss the near constant nags at me to 'adopt/kidnap' each and every random cat I come across in life and give a home to it (even if it already had a home!) , because 'you should always have a kitteh in your life', the random and often sage advice that was given to me, including why I should probably try dating guys once in a while to 'mix things up a bit' and just the general 'don't give a fuck' attitude.

We last spoke a few months back and it seems fitting to close this post with the last message Widdy left me, the sentiments echo right back at you girl...

"Love ya, you big lug!"

/edit ...obligatory crazy cat image....

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