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yeah your right i am if they explained to people and let us know whats going on....but they dont. there interest clearly does not lie with the users ie us lot trying to make a few quid and cover our costs. i see the new rmo panel is not working either...but then again its supposed to run on dnas 2.6 which has been released the new rmo requires each station to manually activate the adverts.....but it dont work. NO adverts have played on any of my stations or a few of my friends too. its just not nice to be ignored. make sure you keep every single listener happy....coz it only takes one person to attack you and shoutcast will refuse payment like they did too me.....and give you a crap reason ie Abnormal listeners.....but not just stopping the months money your in BUT ALL 4 Months they owed....11,000 euros lost all coz they stick to one simple line which covers them..its crazy. if this continues like this....then i will take down there whole network and show them whats its like to loose 4 months of revenue. Maybe then they might start pulling their finger
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