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A (big) list of collected APE files


Here is a list of collected .ape files, most of them downloadable, or with a link to where you can download them (and get some other cool stuff too). This list is by no means complete; some files are just not accessible anymore, or the compiler was just not aware of the ape's existence at the time. Apes that are integrated into Wianmp 5 (but still may exist as exterior .ape files) are not included. You can find those apes in this thread.

I would like to thank everyone who made this project possible (In no paticular order): ^..^, TomyLobo, jheriko, UnConeD, Ishan, denkensiefursic, hboy, WarriorO/TLight. (I apologize if I left anyone out!)

Be forewarned: The authors of the below files are not responsible for any real or imagined technical support unsless specifically noted otherwise. Some of these apes are extremely outdated (unless a link is listed). You use this software at your OWN risk.

filename: 3d.ape
appears in: Render APE as '3d'
projects a 3 dimensional object (programmed seprately as asc. files).
No author info available
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