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thats right and the pc vers ( esp your pc sgt)trumps the 360 version.

Quake 4 for the xbox 360

Quake 4 for the PC

As I have done with previous console generations, I will be biding my time before I buy into the next gen. Buying into the initial wave you subject your self to high prices, a sparse selection, manufacturing imperfections and most importantly uncertainty. waiting a couple years will keep a considerable amount of green in your pocket and it will give you a better perspective as to which console is best situated to give what you seek in terms of selection, features and reliability. Besides there is still life in this generation and by biding you time you can till enjoy quality games at a discount. I didn’t buy a PS one until 99 and I didn’t get a ps2 until 03 and by doing so I save hordes of cash.

gameplay of this title here is looking appealing.

MGS4 (video)

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