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i really like the idea of being able to move and rename my files without losing the statistics. but can't this be done through an ordinary program option? let's say, a possibility to move files on your hd within the media library in order to retain the song count.
i mean francis import export plugin works, but having an steadily growing lib, i'm adding like a gig or more per week this isn't a reasonable method to move your files.

the problem is, that when i get a second album of an artist i want to unite both albums in one folder, and everytime i do that i lose my songcount. when adding an album of an entire new artist, i already create an "upfolder". is that the opposite of a subfolder? but for the rest of the files i need an easier solution?

it's really not reasonable to edit the medialib-database 5 times a week by using the import export plugin.

btw: i don't want the dynamic library plugin, cause i prefer the ordinary medialib due to many advantages.
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