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This is frustrating... I have tried all the information above, as well as all kinds of different plugins along with all indications on other threads including all those posted by DJ Egg. Nothing seems to really work. The only one that i had some hopes for, was the xml import/export plugin, but it crashed everytime when importing...I gave up on all that, and decided to go on it my own way...I AM SOOOO CLOSE NOW....I figured out which files are those responsible for keeping the ML working properly. I have copied and updated the information in the files that winamp updates everytime it closes:

main.idx (?)
recent.idx (?)
ml_online.ini (not really important)
rss.xml (not really important)
feeds.xml (not really important)

The files that really really count for having everything work are main.dat and main.idx. Using a good hex editor, as previously mentioned, it was easy to edit and save the new version of main.dat; however i have absolutely no clue on how to edit main.idx (as well as recent.idx) so that the indexing information can be updated with the new location of the files... I have gotten it to the point where winamp opens without crashing and then shows me a 'Library Recovery' window, which i assume comes up due to incorrect information on the .idx file that doesn't match the .dat. After the recovery goes through, i still can't see my songs. Does anybody have any ideas?
Thanks in advance for your input!
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