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I know!!! Why do people not care about keeping all their information about their songs? I don't know... I did manage to solve my issue... i was unsuccessful when i tried using the plugin for exporting into the format (xml) used by itunes, but i later found out that my problems were caused by some apparently unsupported characters in the xml.
The whole library was exported successfully each time, but i wasn't able to import it. When i tried to import it, the plug-in threw an error saying that there was an exception at some specific line. I opened the xml, when to that line, and fixed the problematic characters. I did this for each of the errors until the whole thing was error free... This would take care of the information of the songs (ratings, album info, song info, etc....) but it would not export the playlists you have created. To have a complete transfer of all the info, you have to pretty much go through both processes:
- copying the files from the \Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\ml folder as well as gen_ml.ini in the plugins folder and modify the paths inside of as many of these files as possible (with a program like NoteTab Light or whatever fits you), if your location of the files changed.
- Exporting the whole library into itunes format, modify the paths of the songs (if the physical location of the songs changes) and re-import into winamp.

By doing this two things i have been completely successfull and achieving what i want, however, the process is quite cumbersome sometimes....

Another way of going about it is to get MediaMonkey (not that it's better than winamp ) and when you scan a folder for songs, it then asks you if you want to import missing media information from iTunes, Winamp and Windows Media Player (regardless of whether the file path changed or not). This takes care of the ratings at least (as well as all the other song info) but it doesn't import the playlists you created. Also, you cannot export out from MediaMonkey as easily into Winamp to have both synchronized...

I wish there were an easier way of doing all this... a plug-in would be awesome, one that would automatically back-up all this info into one file (this is easy and doesn't really need a plug-in) but most importantly, one that can let you chose the file(s) that contain the media library information to restore the library from with an option of selecting the new path of the files (like if you move you music collection from C:\Music to G:\Backup\Music).
I hope this to be available in the future, as i know that there is a lot of us with 15,000+ songs and that have put invaluable amounts of time into continuously organizing and fine tunning our music collections.
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