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Thanks for your reply.

Yep, I tried the ml_id3rate plugin, and it worked well ! Great work.

The only problem I see : it is not in "real time". Instead of copying one time the info in the Tag (using this plugin is like creating a backup : you must do it often, and it is not automatic), It would be much more easy to save it as soon as the info in question is modified : When I rate a song via an hotkey --> hop, the id3tag is modified. The same with the playcount. Or to save the changed songs when you quit winamp

Questions : in which field are exported the informations in th ml_id3rate plugin? I have tryed to find it with the software The Godfather , but I couldn't find out where the info is stored...

We could think of a plugin such as Tagger a little modified and with some hotkeys : I will then be able to put 3 in the comment tag (or another one) when eg I type ALT+3, and another thing : as soon as the song starts to play, increment another tag "comment 2" eg or elsewhere else, so that I keep a count of the song.


This way you never lose your data when:
- Winamp or Windows crash (and you were playing music and rating for hours..)
- you move folders
- you rename songs (with a mass tager application eg)
- you give up winamp for another player

What do you think about it ?

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