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I got the opportunity to try out the system at my local Gamestop a couple days ago. The only game available was Excite Truck. In that game you hold the Wiimote sideways and rotate it like a steering wheel. The 1 and 2 buttons are gas and brake. I have to admit, it was easy to get the hang of (and even kind of fun), but the novelty began to wear off after about ten minutes of play. The game was just too simple (due to the lack of buttons on the controller there really can't be any extra features like gear shifting and the likes) and the graphics on the 16:9 LCD (looked like 480i) appeared to be worse than the Gamecube's. There was a rumble feature in the controller but it was too weak and subtle to be very noticeable.

The OS's navigation system is creative, however it seemed almost impossible to get the on-screen cursor to stay still; no matter how still I held my hand, it would sorta wobble in place. Hopefully there is some sort of sensitivity control (I didn't see one).

I was really hoping I could try out Twilight Princess or Wii Sports (how fun those games are will decide if I buy the console or not)...

All in all, I felt like I was playing a Gamecube with a NES controller that was empowered my dark forces to detect its position in space.

I just wish the thing had more buttons... and better graphics.....

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