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Originally posted by gaekwad2
This thread reminds me of...
Everybody loves online quizes, right?

I got

Who the hell is Mike Gravel?
I am a, 9 - Moderate Progressive, 3 - Capitalist Purist, 0 - Anarchist, 4 - Moderate Pacifist

Which makes me a "Hardcore Libertarian", and my closest candidates are:

Bill Richardson - 85%
Joe Biden - 83%
Barack Obama - 79%
Ron Paul - 79%
Chris Dodd - 77%

Which is about what I would expect. The only reason I would rank those candidates differently is because certain things are far more important to me, and there's more to a politition than their most-recently-stated views (for example, is the same position as the last time they gave a speech?).

In any case, it's likely Ron Paul will not get the Republican nomination (though I will vote for him in the Primary anyway). If he doesn't, and Obama gets the Democrat nomination (which I hope and think he probably will), he's got my vote.

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