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Originally posted by xzxzzx
When did I say anything about a newsletter being taken out of context? What are you smokin', man? Heheh. You Godwin'd yourself.
Oh yes, sorry, his conspiracy theories only accidentally look exactly* like those spewed forth by Nazi fuckwits.

*Except of course he doesn't openly dwell on many bankers' Judaic faith.

Originally posted by xzxzzx
Ah, your point makes even less sense than I thought. All right, fine. Let us say that Ron Paul is lying, and he really *did* at least read the newsletters and endorse them,
because otherwise we'd have to suppose he had a newsletter published under his name, first as "Ron Paul Political Report", then as "Ron Paul Survival Report", without ever reading it or noticing its contents or the way it caused a stir among the far right.
Strange for a man who seems to take personal responsibilty so seriously.
(Besides, his head ghostwriter at that time, Lew Rockwell, is still one of his main advisers. (In a way it is admirable though that he hasn't used him as scapegoat yet.))

Originally posted by xzxzzx
and was really trying to pander to the "white-supremacist movement".
Ah, I love how you put that in quotation marks.

Originally posted by xzxzzx
Why the fuck would he do that?

I mean, it's not a big demographic, and the man's views are practically the antithesis of the idea of treating men as part of collective groups (rather than treating them as individuals).
To raise funds?
As part of a struggle among the libertarian movement (after seeing it would be going nowhere unless it managed to attract new allies)?
Your guess is as good as mine.
(That is, assuming his actions do make sense.)

Originally posted by xzxzzx
Except that you're trying to use it in a reverse way, a way that doesn't make sense.
It doesn't make sense to show who is still being attracted to him?
Viewed by itself you could of course argue he isn't responsible for his fans, but taken in combination with that atrocious newsletter, and his apparent unwillingness to distance himself from it for 15 years, or name the person responsible for it, well...
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