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Originally posted by watadoo
I still like John Edwards and I sent him a check to help him out. I like that he's identified the enemy and is unafraid to fight. Obama's my second choice. I think he, too knows the enemy but is a bit to cautious about saying so to not anger his corporate sponsors. That's why he'd my second choice. Hillary loves the enemy and would be a less than worthless president, though not as damaging as chimpy is or any of the rethublican clowns.

McCain: His platform is "I'm old and a hothead but not as batshit crazy as the rest of the Republican nutballs. It's my turn, dammit!"
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ahehehehehehe ahhh ahehehehe*whew*
I just love this! No, really!

I like Edwards also. I will vote for Obamama or Edwards!
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