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Originally posted by swingdjted
As worthless as it sounds, you must include a picture. Renee and I have been selling stuff on ebay for a long time, and if we ever put up an auction without a picture, it wouldn't get sold for much, if at all.

Steal a pic from Dell if you must, and take a pic of the 'sealed box'.
Yeah I'll be including a pic of the unopened box, with me holding a crumpled sign that says "Psythik" or something like that (crumpled because I would presume that would be harder to Photoshop).

It might also be helpful to mention why you're selling such a nice computer. You might say that it was a gift given just after you had bought a good computer that you want to keep or something like that. As bullshitty as it sounds, it works.
Well on Craigslist, when I mentioned that I got it for free, it seemed like all of a sudden everyone assumed that I was willing to give it away for next to nothing. But maybe your "got it as a gift & already have a better machine" suggest will work better (and what about "got it as a gift & doesn't have what I need, so I'll be using the money to build a different machine"? Would that work better/worse?).

Also, make sure that it is very noticeable that you're open to questions about the item, and also make sure that you reinforce the fact that even though it's "as-is", it still carries a useful warranty.
Thanks for the tip; I'll be sure to include that. But just to be safe, I'm gonna post the final draft here before I list it.

/And while we're here, I have another question: What listing length typically works out for the best? I figure that most people watch an auction a few days before bidding (I do), so I'm guessing that 5-days would be long enough to do such a thing, without it taking forever before I get some money in my hands.

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