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Got his CT back
and didn't pay $10
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I just got a bunch of emails last night, and every single one of them sounds like a scammer (I'm probably just going to ignore them):

do you have a price set in mind, that you'd be willing to sell this right away? My daughter needs 1 for college and she needs it now. I am paypal read and have a confirmed address. Let me know please, thanks Zig
I'm pretty sure that 4 more days without a laptop isn't going to be life or death for her.

Dear seller, I'm interested in immediate purchase of your item.Can i offer you $2,580.00 for the item and for the shipping cost?,I'm paying this amount because, 1 i want to buy these item outrightly and 2,because i have just few days to leave here and resume work on air cos am marine engineer and i do not have time to go on shopping physically.i would have love to bid but as the item is needed urgently as Birthday gift for my dearly friend and this will determine the extend of my love to her.Am so sorry if i may cause any inconveniences.moreover i will like you to end the listing to show your interest, before i make payment via paypal,am ready to pay the 5% paypal if you are interested,send me your name and your paypal email address, so that i can have your account credited asap.hope to read from you can get back to me via this email or send paypal money request Thanks for your Understanding
And I would like you to learn proper Engilsh. Nice try, though.

hello. can you tell me when it was purchased, tag#? do you have a buy now price? i know you dont ship abroad but if we agree, i have a friend in scotsdale that can pick it up, pay you, and ship to me.thanks
Do you see a Buy it Now price? No? Then go away.

Hello, what is your buy now price TKS

Hello, Will you consider selling this item to me, for an offer of $1,850.00, which also covers the shipping & insurance charges for delivery abroad. Payment would be effected upon your response as i want you to send me your PayPal payment details,If you really want to sell this to me kindly get back to me through my personal email ( as i dont check my ebay message often.Kindly get the item off auction for me and send me a paypal payment request to my paypal email above. My regards Kind Regards Deboray keovilay For Instant Message You can email me to any of my mail below: MSN: Yahoo: Gmail:
Tell me what, you triple your offer, and we'll call it a deal.

Can you ship to Armenia? Let me to bid, please.
Sorry, can't do that. Too much risk. Thank you, come again.

Hi there, Are you okay with $ 4,050.00 USD for this item,this amount also covers the cost of insurance & shipping abroad to a PayPal verified address.An Instant Payment would effected upon your response as i would want you to send me a Payment request or include your PayPal account email address. You can get to email me @ as well i await your propmt response in regards to this transaction. John
If you're willing to pay that much, wouldn't it be easier to just buy it straight from Dell? Sorry, you lose. Thanks for playing.

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