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expand button on Bento Skin moves winamp to an other display

Winamp 5.551 (x86) - clean- us

Skin: Bento

OS: occures on Windows Vista Business x64 AND Windows XP x64, others not tested!

System specs (MSI Nforce 750i SLI Board, Intel 9450 C2Q, 8GB RAM)

Video Cards: occures on
1. 2*GEFORCE 9800gtx (all new WHQL since several month)
2. Radeon HD 4870 + ATI Radeon x550 (all new WHQL since several month, e.g. Catalyst 9.1,9.2,9.3)
others not tested

Sound Card: doesn't matter in this case

DirectX version: 9(August 2007) on XP, 9(August 2007) + 10 (November 2008) on Vista

Plugin (and version): Nullsoft Modern Skins Support v1.36 [gen_ff.dll] with Bento

The problem is multi display related

NVIDIA SETUP: ScreenLeft(9800gtx) ScreenMiddle(9800gtx) ScreenRight(9800gtx)
ATI SETUP: ScreenLeft(x550) ScreenMiddle(4870) ScreenRight(4870)

Middle screen is primary screen!

both card setups tested on both operating systems

Bento Skin has a button to expand or collapse the Media Library

If I have winamp on the right display maximized and click on the expand button it expands BUT on the middle screen!

Collapsing works on the right screen.

The understanding of the bug may be easier with this documentary(flash-movie):

This is reproduceable!
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