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Sure thing with the Sidecar installer, since I promised it.

The WavPack plugin was updated from a Winamp dev for last Essentials Pack release and Bryant reviewed the code and gave his ok. It uses now Winamp's global settings for ReplayGain etc, as result, the old preferences window became obsolete and was removed. So no worries, it's all right with your config.

PS: It's all well documented in the changelog:

Updated: WavPack Decoder to v2.8.1
- this adds %family% and %type% support (allows for example loading of the WavPack icon from a Winamp Icon Pack Library)
- can now save ratings directly to the files (if an external plugin reuqests it, for example Winamp's library)
- removed preferences window (now uses Winamp's global ReplayGain options)

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