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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
me too. however, i thought more about this and i think you could get it from onefornunz, assuming the patch itself would report different from the orig release?
Should work, also any other program should be able to read the current build number, like Windows Explorer.

Nevertheless, just saw, that the date was changed, so it's pretty simple:

v5.61 (x86) - 17 Mar 2011 = older version with SC crash

v5.61 (x86) - 22 Mar 2011 = new fixed version with Kn0tte's Bento tweaks.

Just make sure, that the date is March the 22th.

Otherwise someone could write a simple 'Show me the build number of my installed Winamp' tool.

[Edit] Here we go: Winamp Version Checker

That thing is so primitive, that I still must laugh, lol
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