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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
Should work, also any other program should be able to read the current build number, like Windows Explorer.
where? how? i don't know how to do that...

Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
Nevertheless, just saw, that the date was changed, so it's pretty simple:

v5.61 (x86) - 17 Mar 2011 = older version with SC crash

v5.61 (x86) - 22 Mar 2011 = new fixed version with Kn0tte's Bento tweaks.

Just make sure, that the date is March the 22th.

Otherwise someone could write a simple 'Show me the build number of my installed Winamp' tool.
where should i be able to see that date? when i do the lightning bolt, i still get the 17th, even though i applied the patch.

here is what onefornunz just now showed me:

Using Winamp version: 5.61 (Build 3133 FINAL_2011_0317_192702)
Winamp Elevator build: Build 3133 FINAL_2011_0317_192702

thats the same as what i saw yesterday which i posted here:

i think the patch didn't work for me!?

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