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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
i just downloaded the patch again, and ran it again. it says it installed successfully, but i see no indication so far that that is true!

the date is still the 17th when i click the lighning bolt, and onefornunz still shows 0317 in the build number!

afaict, the patch doesn't work! ...or it at least doesn't display properly that it did work.
It's possible, that the patch fails. When I did the Winamp Checker (see my edited posting above) I noticed that they probably haven't changed the build number. So both versions, the fixed from March the 22th and the borked from March the 17th have both build number 3133. That's really awkward, I guess a newer build always should have a newer build number, otherwise you start a flood of confusion.

So I guess Egg's updater uses a IfNewer file check for installation and it fails, because both files have the same build number. But for sure I cannot say it, because I haven't seen the installer script. Best would be, if you'd download the whole installer again, then it should look like it does on the attached image.

[Edit]When I read the posting below, I'm sure, that the Patch simple ships the wrong winamp.exe.
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