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Winamp no longer responds to Bluetooth headset

Until a couple of updates ago, I used to be able to click the play button on my Bluetooth stereo headphones which would immediately load Winamp and start playing the last file that was played. This would happen regardless of the state of the phone even if the phone had just rebooted. However, a recent update (in the last couple of weeks) has now changed this feature. It only behaves in this way if the application has recently been launched. However, if I have not used the application in a while (possibly when Android has killed the Winamp process) or when the phone has been rebooted, Winamp is no longer launched by the play button on my headphones.

It's as if a previous version used to run a service listening to the play button but now the service is no longer running or is no longer listening to the play button.

Is it possible to re-introduce/fix this functionality back to how it was?

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