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almost back to normal

With winamp v1.2.7 the bluetooth controls on my steering wheel (for the car stereo) are now working again, but only after I started winamp first. If I simply start the car and do nothing, automatically bluetooth connects, then automatically the default media player starts (not winamp). Also then the default player responds to the steering wheel controls: play, pause, stop, next prev. I need to go on the phone screen, stop the default player, start winamp (either from the widget or by starting winamp from the applications list) and only from then on winamp responds to the steering wheel controls.

Please fix this so that winamp starts by default (as it used to do before v1.2).

Plus, still music does not mute during step-by-step navigation instructions from Navigation (Google Maps) like it used to do when Google Maps had it's own volume control. This problem exists due to a change in Google Maps, but the default player DOES mute (so it is possible even though it does not resume after the instruction is done) but winamp DOESN'T mute at all.
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