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I do need to stop the song I am playing when I want to talk after it to give the title. The mic is not recognized when I am using Winamp Recommended in Input. It is only recognized when Soundcard Input is chosen. This requires all the clicking and time I mentioned in my question.

I have not found a keyboard shortcut. You can toggle back and forth between Winamp Recommended and Souncard Input with a keystroke, as long as you stay in Shoutcast. Once I go out to Winamp to start or stop the song, the keystroke will no longer work until I go back and click in the Shoutcast window, which, again takes time to do all that.

It just seems that Shoutcast is setup more for a stream of music or talking, not a traditional DJ setup where music and talking are constantly going back and forth. It is very cumbersome, unless I am missing shortcuts. If so, I would love to hear them!
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