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when using the Source DSP on Windows 7 or Vista, due to how the OS audio stack now works means the Source DSP does not work quite in the way that you would like i.e. outputting the music playing and talking over the top (however that behaviour should still work on XP and prior). this is noted in the release thread, on the wiki and also in the documentation which is shipped with the Source DSP.

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The mic is not recognized when I am using Winamp Recommended in Input. It is only recognized when Soundcard Input is chosen.
that is how it's meant to work with the capture handling be it inconvenient / not working as ideally as it should (as mentioned above). in Winamp mode then it only uses Winamp's output. in soundcard mode, it depends on what default device is selected and the OS being used as to whether the layering of the output will or will not work. on XP it should still allow for layering of the mic input over the captured output (subject to soundcard configuration). on Windows 7 / Vista, with the isolation of per-app audio output (a great thing in most cases), that causes the mode not to work in the same manner as before without the whole capture mode being re-written.

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I have not found a keyboard shortcut. You can toggle back and forth between Winamp Recommended and Souncard Input with a keystroke, as long as you stay in Shoutcast. Once I go out to Winamp to start or stop the song, the keystroke will no longer work until I go back and click in the Shoutcast window, which, again takes time to do all that.
my last comment was referring to that it probably would be a good idea for me to add in something to make it easier to toggle between the input mode.

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It just seems that Shoutcast is setup more for a stream of music or talking, not a traditional DJ setup where music and talking are constantly going back and forth.
it comes back to the known issue as stated at the start of my reply. i intend to fix it but it's low on my never-ending todo list (and am sure some people are going to question that but i can only do so much).

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