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Originally Posted by schulze View Post
after setting no_video=1 the video tab under preferences is still present but this is just a cosmetic thing. I don't really mind because I didn't install / deleted everything video related (plugins etc).
that's weird as the setting blocks the prefs item as well. oh well *shrugs*

Originally Posted by schulze View Post
went back to JTFE b1212 and everything's working flawlessly so take your time.
just about to have a look now, so can start on the non-Winamp release updates again.

Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
But I'm even not sure, if all needed source code for Bento is available to do such things.
there'll be a new skin SDK soon, just a bit behind on sorting out such things at the moment.

Originally Posted by Irbidan View Post
WINAMP crashing!!!!!!!!

Version 5.666 3516:...
of course it won't have been fixed as i've no idea what the crash is (the screenshot gives _no_ information. without a crash report or something from procdump ( there's little else to do / suggest.

Originally Posted by harimenon89 View Post
I uninstalled my older version of Winamp and tried installing the Winamp latest Build as a clean install...However after installation when every time i am trying to add media library to my Winamp its crashes. I have attached the crash report and winamp info report please help. its always crashing
really need a Winamp crash report of a procdump output ( though the most i can probably do is determine the cause, not fix it.
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