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I just this morning learned about Winamp's imminent semi-demise, hence this first and possibly only visit to the forum. After reading this thread and some others, I can't find firm answers to my concerns. With apologies if these have already been well answered, can someone tell me, definitively, whether these statements are true:

1. There is now only one Winamp installer. It is stripped of the "extras" and installs only the Regular and Pro versions.

2. The only active link for downloading the installer is the text "Already own Winamp and need to upgrade?" on

3. Pro features can only be enabled by entering a registration key.

4. It's no longer possible to buy Pro registration keys, so if we don't already have one, we can't get the Pro features.

5. This site,, including this forum, will disappear on or soon after Dec. 20. After that, Winamp discussion will only be available at

Thanks in advance.
-- AG
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