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If the ID3v2.4 tags are written incorrectly, then I have to take care, that some of my MP3s from SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Internet Archive & Co don't have incorrectly written ID3v2.4 tags. But mostly the tags were incomplete, and I had to use Mp3tag (I want to have also the album art from these websites in my files). It will be many work to check all my files again with Mp3tag. I have picked some folders to take a quick look, and I see ID3v2.3. When did the ID3v2.4 tags come out?

I have also a few files from Jamendo, which have more than 1 embedded image.

Sure, a fix for in_mp3.dll would be very good, and I have also downloaded the JTFE update. I will still keep my eyes open here...

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