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Hello Pawel,

now this is a great piece of software!

I just ran a short test and must admit that I am impressed. It looks and feels very stable. Everything is in its proper place and looks (almost) very clean on my high-resolution display. Every text line is big enough. No cut off sentences or graphics. The whole appearance of the program is very nice.

Exported report also looks very good in my Firefox.

Two notes though:

1) in the tab SKINS the additional info about the skin is missing. Also there is no preview screenshot. And all this because Winamp does not provide those text lines at all. (only during installation). When you hit CTRL+P and go to Skins tab you will only find the name of the current skin. Nothing more. Is this actually a bug?

2)Those three icons in the status bar (Options, Help and Create Report) are definitely too small. And all other seem "pixelated"/"edgy"- as if your program zoomed in a 48x48 icon format into 150x150. Please have a look at the attached screenshot. In case those are real icon files you might add some more formats to those icons. And if these are just png files - well, you have to keep it that way.

Would it be possible to add svg files to your program?

Once again, great job Pawel.

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